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Sep 28, 2023

Before we can take on the horde, Riordan has some important information for our wardens. Apparently the reason Grey Wardens are the only ones who can end a blight is because their darkspawn blood will draw the soul of the archdemon into the Warden’s body, destroying them both. Fun! Ultimately, one of our Wardens must die, it seems– except our swamp bestie Morrigan has a solution. Get the lady preggers and we all walk away free and clear. What to do, what to do? No matter what, we take to the streets of Denerim to quell the horde and fight our way to Fort Drakon for our final stand against the Archdemon. How will our stories end? Special thanks to Redd Spinks for our new amazing logo as well as to Radek Wade and Echoes of Oblivion for the song World of Thedas, which we use as our theme music.

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