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Aug 31, 2023

Thanks to an alliance with Anora, the Warden learns that there is UNREST IN THE ALIENAGE. I’m surprised anyone gives a shit but I guess you don’t want the dying screams of the systematically oppressed to drown out the voices of the nobility, right? The Warden & Crew visit the Alienage where elves are forced to live impoverished to find that Tevinter mages are present claiming that there is a plague that only they can cure– but some people are going into quarantine never to be seen again. The Warden must unravel the mystery to find out what this has to do with Loghain. Special thanks to Redd Spinks for our new amazing logo as well as to Radek Wade and Echoes of Oblivion for the song World of Thedas, which we use as our theme music.

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