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Oct 26, 2023

Before Leliana was a sister at the Chantry, she was a bard in Orlais, working for Marjolaine. This DLC is a glimpse into the moment that changed the course of Leliana’s life. With her friends Sketch and Tug, Leliana sets about to create chaos in Ferelden at Marjolaine’s request. What starts as a night of rowdy mischief-making in the name of Orlais turns serious when Leliana realizes one of Marjolaine’s tasks can result in treason and possibly death for all of them. But is that the end of the story? Special thanks to Redd Spinks for our new amazing logo as well as to Radek Wade and Echoes of Oblivion for the song World of Thedas, which we use as our theme music.

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